Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion Advice from a 4 year old...

After all that DRESSING UP for Sew Expo -- and making 5 colorful, long, maxi dresses out of recycled t-shirts -- you might be surprised by how conservative my clothes are in real life.

Here's a picture of me on the ONE DAY we had to be tourists in Tacoma. Note the plain black pants and gray shrug...

Honestly -- back in Iowa, I barely give a thought to the clothes I wear.  Maybe that's why I  ENJOYED SEWING FOR SEW EXPO.    I was creating ART...but, of course, art can easily go over the

The week I got home -- I was anxious to see Lilly and Warren. My first day back, Emily asked if I could come and watch the kids while she did a Walmart run. WITH PLEASURE!! I threw on a pair of clean black pants, with a pink knit top. Warren is turning into the sweetest, most smiling, charming baby boy. It is wonderful to see his personality surfacing...he is so engaged and focused...with a quick, bright smile. Nothing lights up a room like a baby's smile. (Lillian never believed in superfluous smiling..)

When I walked into the house, Lilly was busy in the kitchen. Of course, I wanted her to be DELIGHTED to see me....(I had been gone for a week). But instead -- she looked me up and down. And then, with a very adult tone, she said....

"You can never go wrong with pink."

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  1. Out of the mouth of babes!!! Love her comment!

    Judy Brennan - Overland Park, KS