Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mark Lipinski

Mark Lipinski has been waiting for a kidney transplant -- and he is FINALLY GETTING ONE. Many of you became a fan of Mark when he did the Quilter's Night OUT at the 2010 Sew Expo. I am proud to be one of Mark's cupcakes....and the mug he sent me after the show fits under my Kuerig perfectly.

After he started his internet radio show -- CREATIVE MOJO -- I called in one day and WON THE PRIZE...I love this picture of me and Mark at a Quilt Market.  He is an awesome person...and, like many of you, I have been following Mark for years and worry about his health.


Here's what he wrote on Facebook on March 18:  In exactly 10 days from today, I will receive a kidney from my friend and neighbor, Mary Eichler! Please, do not worry for me, and I only ask that you keep me in good thought. On the other hand, I would greatly appreciate it if your prayers and cards and thoughtfulness and notes of support go directly to Kidney Mary - after all, SHE, and she alone, is the HERO here. Here is her address: "Kidney Mary" Eichler; 29 Parker Road; Long Valley, NJ 07853

I am TERRIBLE at sending any kind of snail mail thing, Mark.  But I AM GOING TO DO THIS FOR YOU.  

And I'm putting this up on my blog because I hope you will send a card to Kidney Mary , too She is one very special woman...

Here's to keeping good thoughts for both of you...

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