Saturday, March 29, 2014

Inspired To Sew!!

I AM DELIGHTED to tell you that my new job is working for Schmetz's new digital magazine, Inspired to SEW.  Hey -- a job I'm really, really good at -- AND I GET TO DO IT WHILE SITTING IN MY LAZYBOY...!!

The intention of Inspired to SEW is to provide a glimpse into the creative heart of today’s most talented sewing and quilting artists. Why do they sew? What inspires them? Where do they get their ideas? How do they get “into the zone”? Where and when do they do their best work?

It has been so much fun to interview women who LOVE TO SEW.  And I am always amazed at how different we all are.   Then, I am equally as amazed at how much we all have in common.

I am telling you -- women who sew are the BEST PEOPLE on the planet.  They are kind, and generous, and loving and giving.  It is such a pleasure to meet them and tell their stories...

 This fourth issue of “Inspired to SEW” shines a light on two "Sewing Buddies." The dynamic duo of Jan Potter and Bonne Swett. You may know them as the birthmoms of the Hey Rita Tote!

Of course, I met them when I was working for the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington.  We are friends, and they keep in touch.  I'm hoping one day they come to Iowa to visit ME!! 

It was a pleasure for me to interview them for the new digital magazine, Inspired To SEW!
Mary Mulari, Bonne Swett, Hey Rita Tote, Rita, Jan Potter -- moments before we went out for a delicious Mexican dinner (great picture, Jackie!)