Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Button/String Game

On this day, Lilly was playing with her button box when we got a visitor. As it turned out, KATHY remembered exactly how to set up the button-on-a-string game. Can you see the magic??
First, choose a large button with only two holes.  Then, put the string in both holes. 48"inches of string makes a loop about 2 feet long...
Then, holding each end, you swing it around and around (like jump rope) with the button in the middle...
After it's all wound up, when you move your hands in and out, the button will humm...and you could go on FOR A VERY LONG TIME this way....
Lillian doesn't quite have it figured out yet. But, hey, IF IT WAS EASY -- anybody could do it, eh? Perfecting this skill could take some time. Of course, the time you invest in any skill or accomplishment is what makes it worthwhile, don't you think?


  1. It hard to find enough BIG buttons to make these for everyone to play this game. I shared it with some young people along with the Cats Cradle string game. Cheap FUN with string.

  2. I forgot all about button on a string! I used to play that and other string games like Cat's Cradle too :-)