Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Three Leopard Outfits

I keep telling Emily what a beautiful young pregnant woman she is...AND, of course, I am always delighted when she plays my sewing games.  Even though I am aware that brown velvet with a leopard print is a real challenge to Emily's taste level...lol...she was a VERY good sport about it.

During the initial "fitting" -- I discovered the pants were too big in the leg...easy fix...

This is Lilly and me on Thanksgiving morning. My best picture of her little velvet jacket...it was SO ADORABLE...and she felt sooo completely dressed up. Because she spent the night, we'd been cooking all morning...and at this point, we were just waiting for her parents to arrive so we could EAT TURKEY...

THANK GOD I did insist on THIS ONE PICTURE of the three of us before dinner. You can see the turkey on the table...we were moments away from sitting down to eat. Lillian had set the table --choosing the tablecloth and napkins all by herself.  Aunt Rozella's silver is in place...and we're about to get gravy GREASE all over our leopard frocks...

Oh, yeah -- like most really good moments in life -- it was just a nanosecond.

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